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The Journey of Wolf’s Botanical

Wolf’s Botanical began with the cultivation of cabbage on 5 acres of land in Canada in the year 1984. Ingrid and her husband Wolfgang put together a greenhouse with three hoops given from a farmer.  The corrugated plastic was covered with green algae. Ingrid washed off the green algae and Wolfgang established a greenhouse with it before the winter of 1985. Wolf’s Botanical started with Wolf’s U-Pick Vegetable on 20x20 feet of greenhouse. They initially had a few rows of green onions and radishes. Over the years, the husband and wife duo learned to establish the successful venture- Wolf’s Botanical!

Image of a greenhouse building taken on 15th March 1985
Image of greenhouse construction with the date showing 1990 - Second greenhouse
Image of crops in a greenhouse taken in the year 1992
Image of one man and three women at a farmers market in the year 2001
Image of a person planting crops in the year 2002

At Wolf's Botanical in Lacombe, we have proudly served customers in our community since 1985. From full landscape design services to an extensive garden centre filled with beautiful plants, we have everything you need to create a unique and stunning yard or garden. Check out the gallery on this page to see some of our past projects, or give us a call for more information.

Far view of a field being ploughed for foundation preparation in the year 2011

Celebrating Over 35 Years of Service in the Lacombe Area

Far view of erected metal frames done for greenhouse framing in the year 2011
Image of freshly grown crops in the greenhouse taken in the year 2012
View of fully blossomed flowering plants in the greenhouse
View of multiple decorative plants in the greenhouse

Landscaping Philosophy

When you are at home, it becomes an escape from the hustle-bustle of everyday. You should be able to enjoy some quiet time in your backyard oasis.

Many people enjoy entertaining in our limited summer, and to have a retreat in your yard to share with friends and family is very enjoyable and relaxing.

Reduced Maintenance

Busy workdays and running a household allows only a limited time available for yard work. By planning and landscaping with this in mind, we reduce the maintenance required and therefore the time needed to keep your yard neat and tidy.

This then means more time to just relax and enjoy the beauty of your retreat.


Work in Progress

No landscape/garden is ever finished—there is always some loss due to various conditions (such as our cold winters) and also new Cultivars are available every year to peak our interest. We try to stay current with new ideas and trends in landscaping.

We use a broad range of specialized equipment to complete landscape construction with special build restrictions for space, location, fences, etc. We attempt to complete landscape jobs with minimal disturbance to existing conditions.

If your project is large, this "work in progress" becomes part of the whole process, as a "phased in stages" project over several seasons.

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