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Tree Service


We can maintain your landscape with professional tree services, from tree trimming and pruning to removal. Our team can help you with tree spading in Ponoka, Lacombe, Red Deer & throughout central Alberta.

We use a 54" tree spade to safely and efficiently relocate or plant new trees up to 5 ½" in diameter size. Whether you need to move a single tree or an entire grove, we have the expertise to do the job right. We understand that every tree is different and requires special care during spading. That's why we take the time to assess each tree's needs and create a customized spading plan to ensure a successful relocation.

Wolf's Botanical is the tree mover to call when you need a tree moved. We offer tree services in spring starting in April/May and again in fall after killer frost between (when weather permits) and within 50 km of Lacombe. View our project gallery and contact us for a service.


At Wolf's Botanical, we employ tree spading in Ponoka, Lacombe and Red Deer to extract trees delicately, akin to an excavator on a construction site. Using large blades encircling the root ball, they scoop it out like a funnel, minimizing disruption to the roots. This method enables the safe relocation or potting of trees for long-distance transport. 

Our specialized technique ensures the survival and growth of trees in their new environment. With our expertise in tree spading, Ponoka's landscapes can thrive with minimal disturbance to nature's balance. Trust us for efficient and careful tree-spading services in Ponoka and beyond.


Our 54” tree spade can move trees up to 5 ½” in diameter. Due to its high power, a tree spade is a great tool for removing or relocating large trees. It has four blade-like parts that open to fit around trees of different sizes and scoop out the tree and roots. For this process, we need at least 5 feet of space around the tree, and the tree spade is mounted on a Freightliner truck for transport. To learn more, please connect with us.


Here is why tree spading is a preferred choice:


Enhanced privacy with trees

If you want to enhance the privacy of your yard, consider using large trees as a natural barrier. They can be an instant solution to making your pool or deck feel less exposed to your neighbours. Using a tree spade, you can easily reorganize new or existing trees and turn your yard into a private retreat.


Preserving trees with character

Cutting down older and larger trees isn't always necessary. If you have trees with character and history, you can safely relocate them to a more suitable location with the help of our tree spade.


Trees as design elements

Incorporating trees into your home design can add a touch of sophistication and soften the architectural lines of your home. Bringing in unique trees can create a more cohesive and integrated look with the rest of your landscaping.


Functional trees

Strategically arranging trees can provide natural shade by the pool, screen an outdoor space, or even shade your home and reduce cooling costs in the summer. In the winter, large trees can also protect your home from harsh winds and reduce heating costs.


Time and effort savings

Using a tree spade can save you time and effort compared to planting and maintaining a juvenile tree. As your neighbourhood and landscape evolve, using a tree spade can give your yard the edge to keep up with the changes.

Tree Moving and Tree Removal

At Wolf’s Botanical, we take all measures to save your tree from dying; there are circumstances when the tree cannot be saved. In such cases, we have no option but to remove the tree. We use proper rigging techniques with ropes and pulleys to ensure a controlled, safe descent. After the service, our team provides adequate cleaning, leaving the site neat. We take care and ensure that minimal damage is done.

Image of trimmed green trees

Tree Pruning and Trimming

At Wolf’s Botanical, we follow all the modern arboriculture rules to offer safe and reliable tree pruning and trimming services. We have every required equipment, and our workers follow all the latest standards while doing the job. Call the professionals at Wolf’s Botanical for a proper pruning or trimming service.

Diseased or dead Tree Removal

If you notice any fungi, insects or decay in your tree, there is a high chance that it is diseased. It is best to call Wolf’s Botanical, and we will examine your tree and help you find a suitable way to deal with the issue.


Opting for professional tree removal services can offer numerous benefits.

  • Time and money savings
    Hiring the services of a professional tree removal company saves you both time and money in the long run. Removing a tree alone can be timely and costly, especially if you lack the required skills and equipment. 

  • Property protection
    Trees diseased, damaged, or growing too close to structures can pose a significant risk to your property. Attempting to remove such trees without proper knowledge and equipment can result in accidental damage to your home or surrounding structures. We can safeguard your property against potential harm.

  • Pest prevention
    Overgrown or decaying trees can attract pests, including insects and rodents, threatening your property and health. By promptly removing such trees with the help of professionals, you can prevent pest infestations and maintain a healthy living environment.

  • Proper equipment and insurance
    Professional tree removal companies have the tools and equipment to extract trees of all sizes and conditions safely and efficiently. Additionally, reputable companies carry adequate insurance coverage, providing peace of mind knowing you are protected from any unforeseen accidents or damages during removal.

Contact us today to learn more about our services regarding tree spading in Ponoka, Lacombe and Red Deer.

Taking Care of Trees

Count on us for tree spading, pruning, trimming and more in Ponoka, Lacombe & Red Deer.

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