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Tree Service


From tree trimming and pruning to removal, we are equipped to maintain your landscape with professional tree services. 

When you need a tree moved, Wolf's Botanical is the tree mover to call. We offer tree services only between February to April (when weather permits) and within 50 km of Lacombe.

Tree Moving and Tree Removal

Wolf’s Botanical offers shrub transplanting and moving services to help you stay with your most loved plants. Although we take all measures to save your tree from dying, there are circumstances when the tree cannot be saved. In such cases, we have no other option than to remove the tree. We use proper rigging techniques with ropes and pulleys to ensure a controlled, safe descent. After the service, our team ensures proper cleaning is done and the site is left neat. We take care and ensure that minimal damage is done.

Image of trimmed green trees

Tree Pruning and Trimming

At Wolf’s Botanical, we follow all the modern arboriculture rules to offer safe and reliable tree pruning and trimming services. We have every required equipment, and our workers follow all the latest standards while doing the job. Call the professionals at Wolf’s Botanical for a proper pruning or trimming service.

Diseased or dead Tree Removal

If you notice any fungi, insects or decay in your tree, there are high chances that it is diseased. It is best to call an experienced arborist for appropriate treatment. We will examine your tree with utmost care and will help you find a suitable way to deal with the issue.

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