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Design Process

Our landscape consultant meets with you to discuss your needs and wants for your landscape. No job is too small nor too big. We do residential, acreage, parks and commercial landscapes. We can do all kinds of patio stonework, including stone and brick retaining walls, sidewalks and fire pits. We grow our own trees and can supply both small stock and also 24' large Calliper trees for an 'instant forest'.

Your likes and dislikes are taken into consideration.

  • view of landscape work
  • closeup of stones used in landscaping

Your budget (yes, we do talk about dollars) is discussed. We pride our ability to fit into whatever your budget amount is. Many people today do not realize the expense involved in a landscape project and without discussion of dollars it can be quite a shock. If your project is large, we also do a "phased in" design to allow spreading the cost over several seasons.

Your involvement (sweat equity) in the project is discussed and built into the plan. This can save substantial dollars.

  • round patio
  • man working in the garden
  • Measurements are taken of your property
  • A preliminary plan is drawn
  • The plan is presented, discussed and fine-tuned
  • A final plan is completed
  • A separate estimate of the cost to complete your project is presented
  • If the project is accepted, a down payment is taken and the project is scheduled
  • Contact is maintained on a weekly basis (due to weather, schedules change constantly) until the project is complete
  • Upon completion and acceptance, final payment is due
  • view of plants planted around the wall

Sequence of Construction

There is a sequence to all build landscape projects.

If sod is already in place, then damage can happen during construction, particularly if large, basketed trees are to be planted. If it is an existing yard, sometimes areas have to be removed before new work can take place. This can add cost to any project due to needed repairs of existing areas damaged during construction or to allow construction.

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